Ja Yoga

Frequently asked Questions

Q: First time at the studio what should I know?

A:Arrive 15 minutes before the class you wish to take.  
Wear comfortable and flexible clothing.
Each class is $17 unless you wish to purchase our new student special;
one month unlimited for $40.

Q: Do I need to bring my own mat and yoga equipment?

A: If you do not have your own yoga mat, we will provide one for you. Our studio offers yoga mats, blankets, and blocks to accommodate everyone.

Q: Which class would be best for me?

A: Our gentle class is our easiest class.
The gentle class offers slow movements and light stretches;
perfect for new people to yoga, seniors, and pregnant women
- (except Wednesday's since we target the abdomen.)
A great healing class. Our basic class offers deeper stretching
and strengthening, especially to arms and legs.
A comfortable paced class.
Our flow class is wonderful if you wish to challenge
yourself and explore unique yoga positions.
A faster paced class.

Q: Where exactly are you located?

A: We are on the corner of Spring and Bellflower in
the same shopping center of Jax Bicycles and 24 Hour fitness.